Pet Food & Supplies

How we care for and feed our pets is critical to their well being.

Pet supplies at the DC Farmers Co-OpAt the Co-Op, we take pets seriously. They offer us so much more than companionship; they are part of the family and often work alongside us. That’s why it’s so important our pets are healthy and happy—because if they’re not happy, we’re not happy! The pet department at the Co-Op offers an expansive selection of carefully curated pet supplies and pet food, including food and supplies for dogs, cats, small animals, and exotic birds. The Co-Op is your go-to spot for everything your pets need, from a large selection of pet toys to everything for the pet with sensitivities and special needs.

The Co-Op features a large selection of national brand pet food and treats made in the USA, including Victor foods, as well as a huge variety of supplements to help keep your pet purring right along. If you have a pet with food allergies or sensitivities, we have you covered with many grain-free, limited ingredient, and other special need pet food available. 

Pick up the very best in animal health care at the Co-Op, including flea treatments such as Seresto, Advantix, and Activyl. We stock wormers, shampoos, conditioners, grooming supplies, dental care, and many more pet health supplies. Our extensive pet supplement department has everything to address your pet’s health, from skin sensitivities to anxiety, including a wide variety of CBD supplements and treats. In addition, you’ll find a selection of home cleaning supplies specific to pet “accidents”. We also have an array of products for the special needs pet who needs a little more when it comes to food, supplements, mobility, and anxiety.

We also carry: crates, kennels, clothing (including dog coats and life vests), beds, collars, leashes, radio fence system and so much more!

The Co-Op knows pets aren’t limited to cats and dogs so we carry a large assortment of small animal and exotic bird supplies. 

You’ll find everything for your small animal or exotic bird from feed and treats to toys, bedding, and more.

We also stock over 300 square feet of pet toys to keep your pet physically active, mentally astute, and out of trouble!

Our pet food and pet supplies are thoroughly researched and chosen before coming to the Co-Op, but if you’re not sure where to start, ask for our highly qualified Pet Specialist who will be able to guide you to just the right options for your furry family members.

Looking for something extra special? Inquire about special orders!

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