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Feed Selections

Douglas County Farmer’s Co-op carries an immense variety of livestock feed. We are proud to offer Purina Mills feed. Purina offers formulations to fit every need from bulk cattle to exotic animals feeds. We also offer Albers, Equis, Grainland, Land o Lake’s, Payback/CHS, and our own custom formulations. DC Farmer’s also carries a full line of Honor Show Chow show feeds. Experienced employees with industry experience are available to help with all of your show livestock feeds. In addition, we carry both Grass and Alfalfa Hay. (Inventories subject to availability).

DC Farmer’s Bulk Grain Facility is available to mix all of your custom needs. Feed is available in 50# bags or bulk totes. We offer Alfalfa Pellets, Rolled Barley, Dry Cob, Grass Screening Pellets, Pea Pellets, Whole Corn, and Whole Peas in bulk. Our facility is able to crack, grind, and mix to meet your needs.

We also offer various formulations of mineral mixes for all classes of livestock. There are many mixes available as well as ordering of custom mixes.

To contact our Bulk Grain Facility please call: 541-673-0604.

Hours of operation 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. Monday – Friday.